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I am writing this message with a lot of excitement and positive anticipation of what’s our focus in the near and long-term future of Dash Fix Group. The world has changed in 2020!!! We all witnessed a global situation that was not comparable to anything in the past but has prepared us for any similar situations in the future…Pandemic hit us hard in the 2nd quarter of 2020 and still very much a part of our day to day life…many businesses suffered, especially Travel and Hospitality. We saw many large and small enterprises shut down, a large number of people lost their livelihood and their life took a turn for worse!!!

As a part of the Hospitality ecosystem, we also had setbacks!

But when faced with any setbacks, words of wisdom from my father are always there with me “Take care of your employees and they will take care of your clients/business”.

A truly defining moment in any entrepreneur’s life is when he is faced with a battle of survival…some perish, give up and some continue to battle ahead…thanks to our clients, investors, partners, and the strong team we moved ahead taking all the challenges head-on!!

We were resilient, calculative, and clear on our path! We knew this is temporary and we together can come out of this victorious!!!

We used our resources to the most optimal levels, worked internally on team spirit, motivation & positivity, which helped us not only in retaining all our employees but also growing our team when no one else was even thinking about it…

I would like to make a special mention to the UAE government, under their guidance and positive measures to ensuring the Economy gets back on its feet faster than any other countries globally!!! Thank you!!

I am very happy to say that now the time has come for Dash Fix to reach new heights during the end of the year and 2021…We have aggressive plans on expansion with regards to Service offerings and fast-paced organic growth to achieve our mission to be “The Trusted Resource Partner” to all 5* hotels in UAE!

Once again I wish you all safe health…Maintain all safety precautions. Social distancing…Sanitize…Exercise regularly and be in the best physical and mental health!!!!

Wish you an amazing holiday season ahead and an amazing 2021!!!!!

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